​Future-Ready Leaders Use the Future Focus Mindset Assessment

The World's First Mindset System for Future-Ready Leaders and their Teams

​​Future Focus Mindset ​Assessment & Quickstart Course

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The world of work is changing. You and your team need to change your mindset, skillset, and toolset in order to be successful. Future Focus is the world's first mindset assessment for building future-focused, high-performing leaders and teams. It helps leaders and teams identify their dominant mindset about uncertainty, risk, innovation, growth, and change.

The Future Focus Mindset & Quickstart Course includes:

  • ​Access to ​the world's first mindset assessment for the future of work
  • ​Comprehensive mindset report and action planning guide
  • Future Focus ​Quickstart course
  • 3 e-learning modules to support mindset change
  • ​Future Focus Mindset: A Multi-Year Study Aimed at Building Future-Ready Leaders, Teams and Organizations ​(30-page technical report)​​​
  • And more than a dozen educational resources and tools!

​Lead your Own Team Discovery Workshop​. Contains all the tools ​you need for building a Future-Ready Team! 

​Future Focus Team Discovery Toolkit + Mindset Assessment + Quickstart Course

​Lead your own Future Focus team workshop


​This toolkit is designed for ​team leaders who want to run their own Future Focus Team Discovery workshop and improve engagement, performance, and change readiness.

This "workshop-in-a-box"​​​ includes:

  • Access to the Future Focus Mindset Assessment and the Quickstart Course (see above)
  • Team Discovery Quick-Start Guide to the tools
  • Detailed meeting agenda for a half-day workshop (in-person or virtual)
  • Facilitator guide with step-by-step instructions
  • ​Customizable slide deck with speaker notes​
  • ​Instructions for 6 engaging team exercises
  • Future Focus FAQ document
  • Participant guide and action planning tool
  • Coaching guide for team leaders
  • Certificate of appreciation template to recognize participants
  • AND 2-hours of facilitator training with Future Focus Creator Dr. Chris Groscurth

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