Provides executive leadership teams with the information, tools, and advice they need to lead their organizations into the "future of work," characterized by transformative, smart, and connected technologies already under way, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and automation.

Provocative and very timely insights!  As we embark upon the next industrial revolution, Chris’s compelling views on the demands of leadership are spot on.  This is a must read in order to be a successful leader in the future.

Larry Kleinman

Highmark Health


For educators and practitioners alike, Groscurth presents a compelling argument for why our rapidly changing times demand a special kind of leadership. To thrive in the new industrial age, he posits that leaders need to demonstrate presence, agility, collaboration, development, and discernment. Utilizing a multitude of unique self-assessment tools and practical recommendations, this book provides a clear recipe for what leaders and organizations need to do to prepare for and adapt to the future.  --Peter G. Northouse, Ph.D.Author of the bestseller Leadership: Theory and Practice, 8e
Tomorrow’s leaders must embrace the gifts of self-awareness, collaboration, community, and connection to succeed. This important volume shows leaders the way forward into the uncertain future. A must read to lead a new shift from running your organization focused solely on profits and revenues to a more inclusive way." --Debra A. Canales,  Executive vice president and chief administrative officer, Providence St. Joseph Health
Think of the business giants in recent history – Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, Gates, and Jobs. How did they succeed? They anticipated new technologies and prepared for the future. In Future-Ready Leadership, Chris Groscurth shows us how make the most of the fourth industrial revolution and become the next success story. Buy two copies – one to keep and gift the other one to your manager.” –-Martin Lanik, best-selling author of The Leader Habit
Chris Groscurth is one of the nation's foremost authorities on leadership and organizational change. In this important new book, he provides a clear and compelling vision of the challenges and opportunities for leaders around the dynamic and emergent technologies that will re-shape our understanding of work and organizational life. This book is also a practical guide for helping leaders readying for these changes and in developing the skills to guide their organizations toward vibrant futures. --L. Jay Lemons, President, Academic Search Inc.

What the heck does this guy know? 

Chris Groscurth, Ph.D.

I'm Chris and it's my personal mission and passion to help leaders build highly effective organizations that are ready for the digital age.

In all honesty, I hope that you don't need my help. Sincerely, I hope that you and the leaders in your organization are having lots of success managing the volatile, uncertain, and unrelenting changes that are defining fourth industrial revolution (4iR) organizations. If you're ahead of the curve, there's probably a lot of stuff I could learn from you.

But chances are, you're probably struggling with something around the digital transformation of work and life. Chances are something isn't working. You probably know that things aren't going as smoothly as they could/should be. Chances are, deep down inside, you know that your organization isn't future-ready.

Changes in strategy, structure, people, leaders, brand, purpose, culture, technology, digitization, innovation, new operating model, radical investors, need for greater efficiency, need for better customer experience, need to simplify, more M&A, change fatigue? 

Sound familiar? That's what I thought. No leader or organization is immune to 4iR change. That's why I started this blog. I've been in the trenches advising leaders and helping them change their organizations for the past 17 years. I've been a strategic consultant to Fortune 100 leaders, start-ups, universities, and non-profits all over the world. 

Even other consultants hire me. In fact, some of the biggest consulting firms in the world have sought my advice and training for getting their people ready to advise on the future of work. But, what do I know? I'm just a blue-collar kid from Detroit with an addiction to change and helping leaders be even more successful. 

I started the Leadership 4iR blog to educate and empower leaders like you with free information and tools to create future-ready organizations. 

Want to learn more about what I know and how I've been able to do it in other companies? Start by reading my blog. Then sign up for my book. It's called Future-Ready Leadership and it's loaded with good advice for getting your organization in shape for the future. It's coming out in September 2018 with Praeger  and is filled with good research, ideas to make you think, and useful advice.

My suggestion, is to 1) put your email address in one of these boxes. It'll be worth your while. I don't send a lot of junk emails, just good advice. 2) Connect with me on social media, and 3) let's start transforming the world of work together!

Best of luck and see you in the future,


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