Shape Your Future with Future Focus

The World's First Mindset System for Future-Ready Leaders and their Teams

Future Focus Assessment & Quickstart Course

Pinpoint your Future Focus Mindset and receive step-by-step coaching from Dr. Chris Groscurth in the on-demand course


The world of work is changing. Leaders and teams need a system for focusing on and shaping their future. Future Focus is the world's first mindset assessment for building future-ready leaders and teams. It's based on the ground-breaking research of Dr. Chris Groscurth, author of Future-Ready Leadership: Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Future Focus provides insight into your dominant mindset about uncertainty, risk, innovation, growth, and change. How future-focused are you? How future focused is your team? 

The Future Focus Mindset & Quickstart Course includes:

  • Access to the world's first mindset assessment for the future of work
  • Comprehensive mindset report and action planning guide
  • Future Focus Quickstart course
  • 3 e-learning modules to support mindset change
  • Future Focus Mindset: A Multi-Year Study Aimed at Building Future-Ready Leaders, Teams and Organizations (30-page technical report)
  • And more than a dozen educational resources and tools!

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