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Now you can listen to on the go. I've just launched the Future Focused Leadership podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes.

future focused leadership podcast

Strengthen your future focused leadership

The ​Future Focused Leadership Podcast will provide you with insights, interviews, and strategies that you can use to make a difference in the world. I'm going to hunt down the best insights and people to interview to help you tackle fourth industrial revolution challenges.

The first season of the Future Focused Leadership podcast tells the story of the fourth industrial revolution. Episode: 1 asks the question: What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? I talk about how Domino's is revolutionizing pizza delivery. 

I also share my experiences from my first Self-Driving Uber ride in Pittsburgh. Uber's self-driving fleets are evidence that the fourth industrial revolution is here, now, it's promising and it's perilous. That's why we need leaders to prepare themselves and their organizations for it. 

So, I invite you to listen to Episode 1 on iTunesleave me comments below, share it, and if you think it's helpful, please subscribe on iTunes. This helps our rankings, and will help spread the word. 

Take good care and I'll see you in the future! 

Chris Groscurth, Ph.D.

Chris Groscurth, Ph.D., is author of Future-Ready Leadership: Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For the past 20 years he has worked as a researcher and strategic advisor to leaders across healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government and education. In addition to his consulting work, Chris addresses thousands of leaders annually through speaking engagements and workshops. Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions with Gallup, the University of Michigan, and Trinity Health. Chris currently leads Stryker's global learning design and development team, shaping the future of leadership in a high-growth medical technology company. Chris received his doctorate in human communication processes from the University of Georgia and has bachelor's and master's degrees in human communication studies from Western Michigan University.

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