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How to Future-Proof Your Workforce

If you're the type of leader who is focused on sustained growth, then you need to start thinking about how to future-proof your workforce. Future-proofing your workforce requires aligning business strategy with process, technology, and people. 

The future of work is changing for human beings (see stats in this post). Whether it's moving boxes, providing health care, or making hamburgers, automation and robotics are changing the workforce in drastic ways. I'm not saying the "sky is falling" and robots are taking over the world. But the data show that robotics is having a big impact on the workforce.

According to the International Federation of Robotics, industrial robot sales rose to 253,748 units in 2015, making it "by far the highest level ever recorded for one year" for robotics. Robot sales between 2010-2015 have increased on average 16% per year (CAGR)! That's extraordinary! 

The growth in robotics is driven primarily by three industries: Automotive, Electronics, and Metal. However, rapid advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence will impact every industry over the next decade.

The robotics mega-trend requires forward thinking leadership. That's why we're creating the FREE "Ultimate Guide to Future-Proofing Your Workforce." ​This resource will be completely free and downloadable from Leadership4iR.com.Check out the video in this post, and stay tuned to learn more about the "Ultimate Guide to Future-Proofing Your Workforce."

As we finalize the Ultimate Guide to Future-Proofing Your Workforce,  we want to share a sneak peak at some of the content that will be explored in the course. 

1. Understand the Fundamentals: Future-proofing your workforce starts by understanding the fundamentals of 4iR. In this course, leaders will gain exposure to foundational 4iR concepts and data. 

2. Assess Workforce Strengths and Vulnerabilities: ​Future-proofing your workforce is a strategic exercise. In this course, leaders will learn how to assess workforce strengths and vulnerabilities. 

3. Re-Design for Success: Future-proofing your workforce requires aligning structure, process, and people with business strategy. ​Leaders will learn a design framework for guiding business decisions around future-focused workforce investments. 

4. Outreach and Education: Once you've designed around business strategy, it's time to start building the workforce of the future. Leaders will learn best practices in workforce development and education. 

5. Measure and Evolve: Future-proofing is an iterative process. In the Ultimate Guide to Future-Proofing Your Workforce, leaders will learn which metrics to use to assess workforce effectiveness and to test workplace design. 

If you want to get ahead of the curve, download my Leadership 4iR Summer Reading List, and start learning about the foundational concepts that will be covered in the Ultimate Guide FREE course. 

See you in the future! ​