Leadership Must Start Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Now

Global leadership is realizing that the fourth industrial revolution (4iR) is here. New technologies and megatrends are pushing organizations in unexpected directions.

The promise and perils of 4iR have become a wake-up call to leaders around the world. Early adaptors like Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, are realizing that leaders must start preparing for 4iR today.

Leadership 4iR’s mission is to: To empower and enable responsive and responsible leadership for a changing world.

What makes 4iR Different? 

This is a revolution that is defined by the fusion of the physical, digital, and biological worlds. Leadership 4iR is distinguished by three things: velocity, depth and breadth of change, and systemic integration. 

The “winners” in a 4iR economy will be companies whose leaders understand how 4iR impacts people. The secret to leading in a technology-driven 4iR world is never to forget that humans are at the center of it.

Many leaders aren’t even close to being ready for 4iR because the models of leadership that have learned are based on second and third industrial revolution assumptions. The game has changed. The rules of leadership have changed. Your workforce has changed.

Tools to Get Your Leaders Started

If you’re new the 4iR, read Klaus Schwab’s, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum,  useful primer on 4iR, The Fourth Industrial Revolution. If you haven’t read it, download it right away.

Through my research and consulting, I’m helping organizations prepare for and “future-proof” their leaders and their organizations. This involves future-proofing strategy, structure, process, and most importantly PEOPLE! In the months ahead, I am going to share everything that I am learning about leadership 4iR to help you future-proof your workplace.

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The fourth industrial revolution provides the greatest possibilities and perils that humanity has ever seen. Now is the time for teaching future leaders to become more responsive and responsible to the demands of the future of 4iR.

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