Eight Jobs Humans Will Lose to Robots in the Future

Humans will lose some jobs to robots in the future of work. But humans will also win new jobs over machines. The short video below from the World Economic Forum below provides some freaky facts about how robots will overtake humans in the future of work. 

Robotics is one of five future of work mega trends that is shaping the digital age. Leaders and their workforces are not ready for workplace disruptions of this scale. In this post, I provide some helpful tips to help leaders prepare for the future of work. Below I explain what leaders can do to help manage the impact of human job loss to robots.

How to Manage the Jobs Humans Will Lose to Robots

Leaders can start taking action to manage human job loss to robots. 

1. Educate students and young professionals about "robot-proof" careers; 
2. Invest in technological skills development; 
3. Teach short courses on analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to increase awareness on these future of work mega trends;
4. Manage the migration to robotics in a measured manner; 
5. Develop creativity, design thinking, and human-robotics communication and collaboration skills.

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Dr. Chris Groscurth, Founder

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Chris Groscurth a consultant, coach, and founder of Leadership 4iR. For the past 15 years he has advised executives around the world on how to respond to the changing nature of the workforce and how to be more effective leaders. Chris lives in Chicago, and when he's not consulting or writing about the future of leadership, he enjoys running and playing blues and funk music with talented musicians.

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